SEAT Leon Super Cup Hungary mod for rFactor

Unique modification for the rFactor racing simulation that brought the Hungarian SEAT Leon Super Cup into the game.


An independent creator developed the 3D model and physics of the SEAT Leon Supercopa race car for the popular rFactor PC game. This could serve as a base for an additional modification featuring entrants from the 2007 Hungarian SEAT Leon Super Cup.


Coming up with the idea, putting together the design team, managing the development and delivering the final product. Promotion, stakeholder management.

SEAT Leon Super Cup 07 MOD - Render by Hungarian Painters Team
SEAT Leon Super Cup 07 MOD – Render by Hungarian Painters Team


Before the work began, we had to contact the original author to seek his permission and support for the development of this extension. We captured detailed photos to analyse the looks of the cars, contacted the teams and drivers for background information and fellow modders to incorporate their ideas and processes into our package. We also needed to promote our work on local and international simracing websites and offline platforms before and after the release.


Thousands of downloads from various websites following the release. An online racing league decided to host a championship using this mod. Recognition from Porsche Hungaria, general distributor of SEAT in Hungary. Commercial requests to create race car livery designs for the 2008 season.


Supporting agencies: M@D69, Hungarian Painters’ Team, Hungarian SimWorld