BME Q building - Photo by Christo - Wikimedia Commons


Established and ran an organization that operated a collaboration platform at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


The Head of Department opened a discussion about the way teachers and students should communicate and collaborate during their studies and beyond. At that time, a mailing list and various other platforms, blogs, wikis, CRM systems were in use and the department was looking for a more unified way of managing issues.


The Department expected suggestions to make the collaboration of about 200 people seamless and usable. Submissions varied from simple emails to developed proposals.


The idea was to review the platforms in use and attempt to move them into a single ecosystem that the University and the students maintain themselves. I compiled and presented a comprehensive plan to senior lecturers of the Department before they gave the green light to the project.

Following this, I shared the presentation and a recording of the speech among fellow students to gain feedback and hosted an informal event where interested people gathered and eventually formed a small team that began working on the execution under my direction. This group eventually became a board that dealt with the operation of the project that turned into a venture within the university.

Besides the practical tasks like building, maintaining and updating the product, we registered komm.bme as recognized body within the university. This enabled us to access funds, to conduct internal and external negotiations, to set up our own office and work day to day beside the classes in order to gain experience and find answers for issues that we would not face any other way.


Incomparable professional experiences in terms of software product management, business operations, negotiation skills, communities, bureaucracy and team work. Gained strong support and trust from the Department to work on the project, from fellow students who participated in this experiment and lecturers of the university who took interest in the project and integrated the platform into their teaching methods and exercises.


“Top 10% motivation, leadership abilities. Autonomous, diligent, responsible.”Gábor Zemplén, Associate Professor at Budapest University of Technology and Economics via LinkedIn

“Viktor and I are study the same field at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he had brought closer to each other an entire department (teachers and students) with his conscientious work on a web platform for the school. Viktor is a reliable person who is always ready for new challenges.”Judit Bernát, Former student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics via LinkedIn