Dension FIA WTCC sponsorship

Dension FIA WTCC sponsorship

Activating Dension’s unprecedented sponsorship campaign in the FIA WTCC and beyond.


Dension Audio Systems, developer of connected car entertainment solutions decided to enter the FIA World Touring Car Championship with Zengő Motorsport and Norbert Michelisz for the 2010 season. The company was looking for solutions to extend its presence in the series beyond car branding and activate the sponsorship campaign to increase its profile among end-users worldwide.


Initially, the management commissioned content development services to promote the sponsorship campaign in company publications. This included the launch of a new microsite that featured up to date news and resources about the company, the race team, the driver and the championship standings. By the beginning of the European leg of the championship, the management asked for further advice and approved the launch of other initiations to support the campaign.


Building on the positive feedback on the content marketing efforts, we put an emphasis on international public relations during the 2010 season. We established strong connections with key media outlets and worked together with them to maximize Dension’s exposure and to give them a general understanding of Dension’s products and services aimed at automotive OEMs. Supporting the company’s business development managers on the spot was also a priority.

For the 2011 season, we initiated talks with BMW Group Hungary and convinced the company to join the partnership. Subsequently, Zengő Motorsport moved to race using a BMW 320 TC. In line with the launch of Dension Car Dock for iPhone, the company’s maiden product for end-users, we extended our presence in the race locations worldwide, developed a brand new visual identity for the team, launched a dedicated press office, and supported the sale of merchandising by all-new websites. Together with our partners, we hosted and participated in several partner events away from the circuits and had a significant contribution to the maiden FIA WTCC Race of Hungary.


Dension branding featured in various FIA WTCC-related international media on a regular basis both in television broadcast and press coverage, even after the company concluded the campaign. The public praised the iconic, orange identity for the race team that provided distinction from other competitors. Dension managed to build new international business relations, give exposure to its local distributors and launch the company’s first consumer product, the Car Dock for iPhone.


Commissioner: Dension Audio Systems
Client: Dension Audio Systems
Supporting agencies: LGF Studio