Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hungarian Media Launch

Mercedes-Benz S-Class launch

Commissioned by senior management to plan and deliver the local media launch of the S-Class.


Due to its strictly limited availability, it was not possible to include a new Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the media car pool of Mercedes-Benz Hungary in time of the model’s launch in 2013. We decided to organize a launch media event for key media representatives where they can sample the brand’s new flagship model and gain insight into the new features by company experts.


The S-Class is the ultimate expression of luxury and high technology in the Mercedes-Benz model line-up. Our aim was to create an environment, in which our guests could learn everything about the offerings of the new model in a short time, meet company executives and store the car and the event as a good memory. We also wanted a case study for the purpose of internal demonstration.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Launch - Lufthansa Technik Budapest
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Launch – Lufthansa Technik Budapest


As a reference for the World Premiere, we decided to include the topic of First Class comfort by involving Lufthansa Technik Budapest’s aircraft hangar as a location. The event began with a keynote speech delivered by the Sales Director in a Five Star hotel in downtown Budapest. Following the first stint of test-driving, the guests arrived for a technology demonstration to the aircraft hangar before travelling beside Lake Balaton for lunch in the 2012 restaurant of the year in Hungary.

The guests could use several spectacular photo locations, ask for expert advice by trained company representatives, sample various versions of the new model and rely on further press materials on their USB sticks. Translated press kit, on-site photography, localized infographics and animations, printed roadmaps and vehicle specification sheets supported the creation of quality media coverage.


Detailed, positive coverage of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class despite the limited availability of the model. Successful integration of various internal departments, dealer representatives and supporting agencies to execute a high-profile event with great importance for the brand. Comprehensive education of media representatives about the complex new driving assistance systems and overall features. Establishing Mercedes-Benz and the S-Class as leader of the premium and luxury segment.

Lufthansa’s Ferihegy aircraft restoration hangar was chosen to introduce the new model. High technology everywhere.”

My head was full of data, the experiences of the on-board electronics and I could not taste enough the new direction of automotive manufacturing. (…) It is a masterpiece without any exaggeration.”

We have seen almost all of its tricks but not together at such level. This high technology mixed with heritage elevates the new Star to a special place.”

The wholesale distributor really upped its game: no less than five wonderful S-Classes were present, an exceptional fleet in Hungary at this level. We were testing the cars inside-out among diverse circumstances at the prestigious event.”


Commissioner: Mercedes-Benz Hungary
Client: Mercedes-Benz Hungary
Supporting agencies: Pappas Auto, Gramy-H