István, a király Mercedes-Benz Product Placement

Mercedes-Benz theater product placement

Placing avantgarde Mercedes-Benz models in the re-release of an iconic Hungarian rock opera.


For the 30th anniversary of its premiere, producers of the famous Hungarian rock opera, “István, a király” (Stephen, the King) decided to re-release the play in a contemporary style, reimagined by former director of the National Theatre, Róbert Alföldi.


The production requested a Mercedes-Benz passenger car that would appear on stage and bring Gisele of Bavaria before her marriage to Saint Stephen of Hungary. We needed to choose the appropriate model, prepare it, organize the logistics, insurance and train the actors.

István, a király Mercedes-Benz Product Placement
Mercedes-Benz S-Class in István, a király


The idea was to support the launch of the brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class with the product placement but the premiere and the first performances happened before the first units arrived to Hungary so we delivered a CLS Shooting Brake to the Szeged Open-Air Theatre Festival. In Budapest, we replaced the car with a new S-Class and included the stage play in the schedule of the Hungarian media launch.


Unique opportunity to introduce high-end Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in front of educated, high-income crowd and display the avant-garde products in contemporary environment.


Commissioner: Mercedes-Benz Hungary
Client: Mercedes-Benz Hungary
Supporting agencies: Zikkurat, Pappas Auto