Mercedes-Benz E-Class test cars

Mercedes-Benz marketing fleet management

Reorganizing the marketing and press fleet and optimizing the management of the units with the aim of saving costs.


Mercedes-Benz Hungary faced issues with the management of its marketing and press car fleet. At the beginning of the project, several expensive units were stuck in the fleet in a registered, insured state, costing significant amount of money that decreased the available budget and usability of the units.


The company needed improved processes and policies to handle such an expensive set of assets.


Generated a list of vehicles assigned to a specific cost centre with relevant details about the units’ state, the date of registration, length of use, projected value decrease and set up a plan together with the used car manager to downscale the fleet. Set up a new process of planning, registering, managing, allocating and removing cars from a specific cost centre. With the accounting department, we found ways to keep the fleet in a more cost-effective way.


Significant cost savings and increase of advertising value equivalent through media tests. We had more units available with an optimized and slightly increased budget. Improved processes to manage the fleet and its recurring changes