Zengő Dension Team BMW 320 TC

Dension WTCC rebranding

Complete rebranding of Dension’s FIA WTCC sponsorship campaign including advice to switch for a BMW touring car.


During the 2010 season, Dension Audio Systems used blue as the base colour for the identity of their title sponsorship campaign built around Zengő Dension Team in the FIA World Touring Car Championship. The tone of the colour was similar to what Chevrolet, the dominant outfit used for its three cars in the series.


Dension aimed to achieve better visibility on the track and in the TV broadcast. We had to reconsider the direction of the sponsorship campaign and the way Dension appeared in the global racing series.

Dension WiRC product and the real race car – Photo by László Tyukodi


Following careful consideration, I proposed to adopt the colour scheme of their new B2C product line and to move the focus from brand to product communication. The idea was to put the new Car dock for iPhone product into the spotlight and launch a more provocative colour combination that would enhance the car’s appearance in the field.

This move fit perfectly with the timing of replacing the SEAT Leon touring car with a BMW 320 TC. Knowing that BMW Group Hungary was active in the field of motorsports, I initiated talks among the relevant parties that eventually agreed a collaboration and joined their forces for the 2011 FIA World Touring Car Championship.

To support the visual relaunch of the team, we started to work together with LGF Studio, a former creative partner of Chevrolet Hungary to design a brand new visual identity for the team and a derivative version for race driver Norbert Michelisz. The team introduced the new identity at the beginning of the season and continued to use it for three years.


A distinctive look that set the team apart from every other competitor in the field. Positive reception from the fans and international media. Brand new website with online media service and shop, redesigned creative materials, merchandising and store equipment.


Commissioner: Dension Audio Systems
Client: Dension Audio Systems, Zengő Dension Team, Norbert Michelisz
Supporting agency: LGF Studio

Web design by LGF Studio
Webshop design by LGF Studio