WTCC Race of Hungary - Photo by Balázs Csizik

Dension poster flag – Hungaroring

Engaging fans to form a giant flag made of 5.000 Dension posters to support local driver Norbert Michelisz at the 2011 FIA WTCC Race of Hungary.


Dension aimed to raise its profile among the end-users to support the launch of the Car Dock for iPhone product through its sponsorship campaign in the FIA World Touring Car Championship.


The company wanted to reach potential customers at the 2011 FIA WTCC Race of Hungary in a cost-effective way and they were after an activity that may have some influence in the global television broadcast.


I decided to use the growing momentum behind Norbert Michelisz, the sponsored racing driver in Hungary and planned a large Hungarian flag for the fans on the main grandstand grandstand. The flag featured a total 5.000 posters, each having a picture of Norbert’s BMW 320 TC race car with visible Dension Car Dock for iPhone branding. Hosts handed over the free posters before the start of the race and the local broadcaster of the event called the fans to show their support by elevating them. Before the event, we asked Eurosport’s TV crew to prepare for the action that enabled the activity to become visible in the global TV coverage as well.


A cost-effective promotion that people were happy to participate and keep the poster as an object that make them remember for a positive experience. According to the feedback, only a few people throw away the posters and other spectators quickly picked them up. Iconic photography captured the moment that influenced the foreign viewers as well thanks to the global TV broadcast. The images circulated in television even months after the race.


Commissioner: Dension Audio Systems
Client: Dension Audio Systems
Supporting agency: LGF Studio