Mercedes-Benz Hungary’s annual business event

English version of the local press release after the annual Mercedes-Benz Hungaria press event.

Mercedes-Benz Hungaria LLC has concluded a successful year in 2012. The wholesale distributor of the Mercedes-Benz, smart and Fuso vehicles managed to market a total 2264 units, including 1235 passenger cars that represents a 13% increase compared to a year before. The company handed over a total 464 light commercial vehicles and 569 heavy-duty trucks to its customers. VT-Transman, the winner of BKK’s bus service operation tender ordered a total 169 new generation Citaro buses.

In accordance with the Hungarian trends in the automotive market, Mercedes-Benz has also noted an increase in the field of fleet customers. In respect of the passenger car business unit, 47% of the customers were fleet operators and it was the first time in 14 occasions that a Mercedes-Benz model was added to a company’s car park. Fleet deliveries were also highly important for the light commercial vehicles business unit: a multinational tobacco company has ordered a total 88 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter units and another multinational retail chain store business decided in favor of Mercedes-Benz to supply vehicles for its soon to be launched online store deliveries.

“The year 2012 wasn’t an easy one for the Mercedes-Benz brand but we concluded a successful year by following our growth strategy and building on the slowly improving Hungarian economic situation. Thanks to our new models, the cooperation agreements with our partners and the hard work by our retailers, we have been able to provide better offers for our customers who confirmed our efforts with their trust and satisfaction. In 2013, we’ll continue our way forward that enables us to continue our growth and will lead us to earn number one status in the premium segment, said Ingo Fröhlich, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Hungaria LLC.

More service campaigns than ever, certified used car sales launched in 2012

Service campaigns and connected services are increasingly important for vehicle customers. In cooperation with the retail partners, Mercedes-Benz Hungaria LLC organized more service campaigns than ever in 2012. Last year a milestone was reached and nowadays every new Mercedes-Benz passenger car is supplied with free maintenance covering the mandatory maintenance and warranty for 4 years or 120.000 km mileage.

By enjoying the benefits of the Integrated Service Package, the vehicle operator needs to cover only those expenses that is related to parts that need to be changed more often than the factory standards. Any potential mechanical failures won’t generate extra charges for the operators, as the package includes additional warranty for another two years or until the car reaches 120.000 km mileage after its 2 years of standard warranty without mileage limitation.

Mercedes-Benz Annual Press Conference
Mercedes-Benz Annual Press Conference

In parallel with the extension of Mercedes-Benz Hungaria LLC’s service offers, the Hungarian Vehicle Importers Association and the Automotive Coalition made also significant efforts to keep up and improve the legal service industry for the sake of the customers, the environmental protection, accident prevention and also to cut back the grey market. In order to achieve the objectives, the (“we are competent”) communications campaign was launched to popularize the authentic and real benefits of authorized services for the customers. .

Our partners have launched 10 sites country-wide within the framework of the used car business unit branded as The offers feature used vehicles at 6 years of age at most with less than 150.000 km mileage that comply with the quality standards of Mercedes-Benz. These cars are on sale with 12 or 24 months of warranty, this way the vehicles handed over to the customers are representing the highest quality.

Mercedes-Benz increases the local presence

The growth in terms of sales figures is down to the improving market environment and Mercedes-Benz Hungaria LLC’s strategy. As a part of this, the Hungarian wholesale distributor has increased its local social commitments. The company has launched MobileKids, Daimler AG’s children road safety program, established a cooperation agreement with Driving Camp Hungary and auctioned the first B-Class, manufactured in Kecskemét for the benefit of the International Children Safety Service.

In November 2012, Daimler AG and the Hungarian Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and last December Daimler AG and the Pappas Group decided to re-organize their business relations. In the event of approval by the responsible competition authorities, Daimler AG will take over the shares owned by Pappas Group in Mercedes-Benz Hungaria LLC.

Major model launches, decreasing expenses in 2013

As a continuation of the previously announced model offensive, Mercedes-Benz is about to unveil major new models in 2013 as well. The new Mercedes-Benz CLA, manufactured exclusively in Kecskemét and the updated E-Class will be available in the showrooms by April and the most awaited automotive presentation, the launch of the brand’s flagship, the new S-Class is coming next summer, just like the first ever four-cylinder model of AMG, the Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG.

Mercedes-Benz Hungaria LLC offers several models for the customers with improved conditions by launching sales campaigns. The new A-Class and B-Class now come with Becker Map-Pilot navigation as standard, just like the 4MATIC all-wheel drive for the a GLK 220 CDI model. C-Class and E-Class models from stock are available with 4 years of Casco insurance included in the price.

This way, Mercedes-Benz Hungaria LLC provides additional benefits for C-Class and E-Class customers that will enable them to further reduce their expenses. Beside this, the Integrated Service Package contributes to significantly reduce the maintaining costs and to the improvement of the anticipated resale value. Due the high level of engineering quality, Mercedes-Benz models are among the bests in terms of fuel consumption in their categories.

The launch of the new Citan is continuing in the light commercial vehicle segment and the introduction of the renewed Sprinter is set for the second half of the year. In case of the Sprinter, customers are welcomed to enjoy the benefits of unique offers and personalized conditions. In the Vito segment, the V6 engines are now available for the price of the four-cylinder engines, while the Viano model portfolio gets added with its new headliner, the limited Viano Grand Edition that will be available in diamond white polish.

Since the beginning of 2013, extended warranty and further service offers are available for the light commercial vehicle customers in the ExtendPlus package that features an additional year of protection without mileage limitation on the top of the factory-provided 2 years warranty.

A new model portfolio is to be unveiled by Mercedes-Benz in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle segment. The new Arocs is offering tailor-made solutions for the construction industry. Besides this, the new Atego is going to be launched in March.

“Help with a smile!” – Charity initiative and anniversary exhibition in March

At the beginning of 2013, Mercedes-Benz Hungaria LLC announced two major cooperation agreements with the Hungarian Handball Federation for the benefit of Hungarian sport and joined the Corporate Support Forum of Transparency International to support ethical, transparent and accountable operation.

A new charity initiative will be launched under the title “Help with a smile!” to mark the production start of the new CLA. The program is to be launched in March 2013 and will invite private individuals and companies to buy 5 square centimeter surfaces on the CLA’s bodywork through the soon to be launched website from 10.000 HUF (approx. 33 EUR) per unit. By accepting the terms and conditions, the contributors will be offered to place their photos, company logos or other graphics. The decorated CLA will be exhibited in several events and all participants will also receive a testimonial to honor their contribution. The entire income will be transferred to the International Children Safety Service that will use this resource to finance medical examinations, treatments and development programs in their own children consulting room, their medical station and the horse-supported therapy center in Fót.

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the cooperation between Mercedes-Benz Design and Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design. To celebrate the anniversary, an exhibition will be hosted in the Palaces of Arts which will be opened a festivity where Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design Daimler AG will also hold a lecture.

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