Mercedes-Benz Annual Press Conference

Static events

General know how based on the experiences gained at several static events for various clients.

Static events are preferred elements of the marketing mix to communicate with important stakeholders of the organization. These occasions offer opportunities to share important messages in a proactive way but also to receive immediate feedback and questions that may help to deliver precise statements and provide clear understanding for the target group.

These kind of events may have informal, personal atmospheres where the direct exchange of ideas and interaction is the focus to build relationships and bridges between the company, its representatives and the stakeholders. In other cases, static events serve as platforms to connect the company with a larger audience where the circumstances are more formal and constrained.

BMW 6 Series Regional Media Launch
BMW 6 Series Regional Media Launch

During the preparation, we set the key messages, the overall schedule and concept of the event, the target audience and work on the setting that serves the cause in the most effective way. Executives receive speeches, speaking points and background documents to prepare for anticipated questions and topics.

Locations get carefully examined in terms of its attributes, security, ambient noise, lightning, technical demands, seating, parking and other important details that may become crucial during the event. Guests invited in a previously agreed form including follow-ups and constant feedback on the rate of attendance. During the event, we carefully monitor instant feedbacks and handle any questions or suggestions that may cause disruption.

The project closes with a review and report of the outcome.

The anticipated outcomes include efficient delivery of key messages to the guests and raise of awareness among the representatives of important stakeholders. Reputation and profile should improve and valuable coverage appears in key media publications.