Hegyalja Old Boys Sports Association

Foundation of a sports NGO

Set up of a registered NGO to make a soccer team eligible for tenders, sponsorships and business opportunities.


Since 2007, Hegyalja Old Boys have aimed to provide opportunities for retired, semi-professional football players to extend their sporting careers. Named after the famous Tokaj Wine Region known as “Hegyalja”, the team features players coming from the Hegyalja region of Hungary.


The team needed a legal status and a recognized organization to continue their operation and to become eligible for funds, sponsorships and be able to enter into agreements with contracts.


We decided to form a non-governmental organization (NGO) for the group that would become a sports association. Sticking to the legal process to do that, we hosted an inaugural meeting where the members officially decided to found the organization and elected the board of directors. After this, it was my turn to generate all relevant documents before submitting them to the Court of Miskolc and the National Tax and Customs Administration.

Besides the creation of the legal framework, the association needed support in terms of cash flow, financial administration, reporting and marketing, including website development, hosting, social media, partnerships, international negotiations and event management.


The process went through the system in a relatively short time without notable issues. Marketing activities received positive feedback from partners and other stakeholders. The team received two different invitations for international tournaments in Spain and Romania shortly after the launch of the website and the social media platforms.