Porsche mod for F1 Challenge 99-02

Custom-built modification for F1 Challenge 99-02, based on Porsche racecars driven by Hungarian competitors.


Creating third party modifications for popular PC video games is common in various communities. Racing simulations developed by Image Space Incorporated was a great platform to extend the initial offering. A German group created a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup mod for F1 Challenge 99-02 that we decided to localize based on cars driven by Hungarian competitors in real life.


We needed to secure approvals from various parties, collect materials for the work, create the actual liveries and package it into a redistributable file to share it with the gamers using the internet and offline channels.


In order to do this, we had to contact the original authors in Germany to seek permission for advancing their work and include their 3D models in our redistribution package. We collected rich photographic content from every angles of the cars that we recreated in Adobe Photoshop. When the work completed on the paintjobs, we turned to create additional artwork for the menus, an intro video and other materials used for promotion. Following the release, we distributed the package online and in Gamestar magazine’s CD supplement.


Local racing team BOVI Motorsport invited us to the Hungaroring to introduce the project; we also received praise from them for the efforts. Several thousands of games downloaded the package worldwide.


Supporting agencies: Hungarian SimWorld, Team GSMF