Photo by Dóra Érsek-Lengyel

Hungarian SimWorld

General management of Hungarian SimWorld, one of the largest online simracing websites in the early 2000s.


During the early 2000s, Hungarian SimWorld was one of the few websites on the internet dedicated to online simulator racing. The site had a global reach thanks to its English content but the owner and fellow editors needed a new addition to the staff.


Daily management of the website, mainly the English interfaces, including contents and downloads. Community management in the forums with regular feedback and moderation. Negotiations with video game publishers, competitor websites, modders and mod groups in terms of news, content management, hosting services, collaborations, branding, online racing game organizations and sports personalities.

Hungarian SimWorld
Hungarian SimWorld


Even before my appointment, I managed to establish a strong presence in various international simracing communities that made it easier to immerse in the project that developed nicely over the years that I spent as a member of the staff.


Together with the founder and fellow supporters, we managed to turn the website from HTML files into a database-based service and increase the number of unique visitors and page views significantly. We built several important relationships with online league organizers and mod groups that enabled us to turn Hungarian SimWorld into one of the best global resources of virtual sim racing in the early 2000s, at the dawn of eSports.


Supporting agencies: Játé, Commade