Photo by Infiniti Media Site

Infiniti market study

A study of the Hungarian automotive market with focus on communication of marketing potential for Infiniti.


The PR department of Infiniti Europe was looking for ways to increase the media exposure of the marque and its products in Europe, particularly in countries where only dealerships represent the brand.


The company’s European PR manager asked for a study on what is happening in the fields of premium automotive products in Hungary and a proposal of what may be achievable against the established German competitors and other entities. Following a personal meeting at the Geneva Motor Show, I had the chance to develop the study for Infiniti Europe.


In order to provide strong foundation for the study, I prepared a general overview of the Hungarian automotive market before moving to a detailed analysis of the key premium automotive brands in the country. This included the review of their share of voice, key brand communication messages, relevant topics and issues, celebrity tie-ups and sponsorships and the impacts of the local factories.

I compiled a summary of product testing opportunities including test cars, driving events and other activities with the feedback the journalists gave following the samplings. I also reviewed major international activities held in Hungary, including press test drives and training programs for employees and members of the dealer networks.


The study received a very positive feedback from the commissioner who also requested additional estimations and calculations but internal restructuring prevented further progress.