Photo by Dóra Érsek-Lengyel interview in AutoSimSport

I have had the honor of having a chat with AutoSimSport about Hungarian SimWorld and the state of simracing in Hungary.

At the beginning of 2005, I had the opportunity to do an interview with AutoSimSport, a pioneering online e-zine that covered the online simulator-racing scene. The editor was interested in the background of Hungarian SimWorld, our thematic website that focused on simracing but we discussed several other topics, including the state of simracing in Hungary and modding as well.

The interview represents our situation back in 2005 and the statements are not necessarily appropriate anymore but most of the concerns voiced in the conversation have actually happened since then. It has become apparent that the scene’s struggle to find a sustainable business model has remained and most of the modding groups, websites and forums have disappeared.