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Being a guest at

Experienced the operation of a major online editorial office in the Hungarian online media.

Between February and April, I was fortunate to spend two months as a guest at the editorial office of where I got involved to the operation of the domestic News column. I published an average 1-2 articles each days but I decided to choose the following because these feature probably the most added value.

It was a rich experience and a real masterclass of teamwork to see such a professional group of people handling the constantly changing environment in the field of breaking news during the ongoing crisis in the government following the Prime Minister’s resignation.

Many thanks for the support of the editorial team, especially Zsófi Mészáros, Attila Tóth-Szenesi, Sándor Joób, Melinda Zsolt, Péter Magyari, József Spirk, Gábor Tenczer and András Király.