Photo by Lexus Europe Newsroom

Lexus Szeged marketing strategy

Developed a marketing strategy study for the second ever official Lexus dealership in Hungary, launched in Summer 2017.


In February 2017, Toyota Central Europe announced that new Lexus dealerships would open in Szeged and Debrecen following the already existing showroom in Budapest. Smarter Media, the integrated communication agency of Kovács Autóház requested a marketing strategy study for the dealership in Szeged.


The management of Kovács Autóház requested a marketing strategy but according to their explanation, they mainly needed a practical plan that they could use for the launch of the new Lexus Szeged showroom.


Following a kick-off meeting with the owners of the dealership, I concluded review of the general state of the Hungarian economy and the local automotive market. The study featured STEEP, Porter & SWOT analysis, market segmentation, targeting and positioning, budget estimation and planning, marketing communication timeline and tactical elements.


An independent board at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics reviewed the project and rated it as an excellent work. The feedback if fully in line with the approach to the task which was to create a practical and sensible plan for the client.

The study features widespread and quality information, it is balanced between quality and quantity and the result is thorough but not diffuse research. The author used the relevant theoretical methods in a proper way and carried out professional analysis, this is the base of the results and proposals. These are not revolutionary but the marketing plan is rational and feasible.


Commissioner: Smarter Media
Client: Toyota Kovács Autóház
Supporting agencies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Management and Corporate Economics